Saturday, February 18, 2017

Duffy Joins Our Family

Went up to Phoenix this morning and we got to meet Duffy. Michelle from a local cocker spaniel rescue brought him to one of the Petco stores where we got to use the inside training area to have both Baxter and Duffy off leash with us to get aquainted. Could not have gone better and the bonding started.

Michelle took some photos after it was decided to be a go and we will put them up when we get them.

Here are a few pics after we arrived back home and as you can see Duffy is pretty comfortable already.

We may have a new Alpha dog as Duffy has taken over Baxter's rocker. 

And now he is in Betty's rocker! 😁


And now Duffy is a Packers dog!!

More when we have it.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Going to meet Duffy....

UPDATE: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Meeting re-scheduled for Saturday. Taking Duffy to vet for final check.


Wednesday morning we go back up to Phoenix to meet Duffy and will bring Baxter for the meeting.


Duffy is a very young 8 year old, and is a handsome white and red parti in coloring. His fur is shiny and soft. Because of his markings and coloring, we think Duffy was probably used for breeding. Duffy is a calm, gentle, teddy bear! He loves to cuddle and to snuggle. He loves going for walks and for car rides (he rides very well). He gets along well with other doggies, but does not play with them. He just wants to be around and to please his people! Duffy is neutered, fully vaccinated, parasite-free and has his microchip. 

He is reliably house trained, is crate-trained, likes to be groomed and get a bath, and walks pretty well on a leash (he just gets so excited about all of the new smells, other doggies and other people!). His foster mom in CA just loves him, and, if she didn't have several furkids already, Duffy would have been a foster-fail. =) He's a very good little boy! 

Duffy has no health issues. He will go quickly, because of his coloring and handsomeness (is that a word?). We can not wait to find Duffy a kind, loving, gentle, forever home!!!

More when we have it.....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentines Dinner at the Tumbleweed

We had a great time last night celebrating Valentines with friends Tony and Dick from Appleton, WI and Mary & Mike from Porland, OR.

The Tumbleweed served up a wonderful night with a delicious dinner and music by The Campbell's.

Thanks to Hannah our waitress and all the Tumbleweed staff for making everything so enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Update to February 7 post...

UPDATE February 10, 2017

Sorry to say it did NOT workout. Sam is a very cute dog but obviously was abused and has issues around people she is not use to.

Betty was petting her on top of her head and Sam growled, snapped and bit Betty on the hand...didn't break skin but we clearly got he message.

The cocker rescue in Phoenix is big (they even get dogs from CA when their inventory is low) and they have our info and know what we are looking for. We are hopeful.


In yesterdays post I made the comment that "Baxter is still really struggling being alone w/o Bailey.
We may have some good news for him this Friday."

Well Friday we drive up to the Phoenix area to meet Samantha and if things go right she will be joining the family.

Samantha is a rescue dog and here is some of her story.

Samantha was found running the desert. She looks like she has had puppies and she is estimated at 6 years old. We had her spayed and her teeth cleaned. She is a sweetheart and likes to play with toys and relax. Samantha has been around kids and done well, but prefers adults so we are looking for a home with adults that maybe only have kids that visit.

Shauna has been looking after Sam at the rescue.

More when we have it......

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another nice week going on...

The above is for Phoenix and we are 60 miles to the SE
 and we have 85 forecasted for Friday.

Been awhile since our last update but not much really new to add.

We had a small (6 of us in our rig) Super Bowl party Sunday with a lot of tasty food including shrimp, ribs and more.

Betty and the girls went up to Gilbert (Phoenix area) yesterday on a shopping trip and when they returned you could see they had a good time.

Enjoying the many things to do in the area with the warmer days and great sleeping cooler nights.

Baxter is still really struggling being alone w/o Bailey. 
We may have some good news for him this Friday.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Grandbaby Has Arrived

Congratulations to daughter Kimi and son-in-law Ed back in Appleton, WI.

Born 8:50pm January 27, 2017.

His name is William Edward Kasprzak and he was 8 pounds 10 oz 22" long at birth. A real cutie 😁

Everyone doing great but tired!!

The picture you see in the back with the teddy bear is of William's sister Ella who passed away unexpectedly on July 27th, 2015 only 5 days after her 1st birthday.

More when we have it!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Little Bit Of Country...

We are continuing doing the 'local' things in the area after the Packers got blown out in Atlanta last Sunday. As the saying goes...'next year'. We still made the 'bird' though and it was delicious.

From the Tumbleweed Inn Facebook page;

Wednesday night at the Tumbleweed... Dance to the music of C.C.Collier from 5-9pm and have some of our Tacos or Taco Salad for dinner also from 5-9pm.... New on Tap enjoy a "Three Amigos Tequila" Margarita specially made and ready to serve as you like... Excellent addition to the Tumbleweed beverage line-up!!

Ginny & Greg would love the Tumbleweed!! Get your rig ready and c'mon down guys!!

Not our 1st rodeo here by a long shot. Tacos are great and all you can eat. Another great night with C.C. He's got El Paso by Marty Robbins (my request last year and this year C.C. delivered) down where it's the best we've heard in a long time. Thanks C.C and Pat. CYA in 2 weeks after you get back from Nevada.

CC Collier, musician and recording artist has been entertaining and delighting crowds both young and young at heart with his extraordinary acoustic/lead guitar, rhythmic percussion, and vocal talent for thirty years.

Below are a couple of videos by C.C. to enjoy

Think we like this place? Have our Valentine's Sweetheart  Dinner and Dance reservation made for a table for 8. Now I got to get that line dancing learned...Betty has had it down for quite awhile.

More coming everyone is fine.