Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Paddy's Day Dinner & Dance

Another fun filled evening last night at the Tumbleweed. Place was packed as usual and if you didn't have a reservation don't think you could get a place to enjoy the dinner and the music by Bunky.

Dinner was great with a choice of traditional corned beef and cabbage or the regular Friday night fish fry.,,the corned beef was me.

Our group of 12

Bob & Marilyn are close friends with Bunky. They leave today for their home in Wyoming and will be back here in travels.

Bunky always has a couple of special songs for Bob & Marilyn.

Toni & Mary enjoying!!

More soon.....

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Latest Updates from Eloy, Arizona

Been awhile so here are a few updates from warm Eloy, AZ.

Well it's been 'toasty'...but we like it. Today it's...

Betty and the girls have been shopping including going up to the Mesa Market.

Been to The Tumbleweed of course for Friday fish fry's entertained by Bunky and some Wednesday's for taco night with great music by C.C. Collier. Going there tonight actually and have a table for 8 reserved. If you don't make a reservation you probably will not get a seat and that goes for most nights.

Had Duffy to the vet on the 7th and he is in great shape except for...needs a big time teeth cleaning and scheduled for the 22nd. He'll more than likely lose some teeth (can't wait to see the bill for this). Shots are now all up to date.

Broasted chicken at Flashback's at least a couple times.

March 9, 2017 9:38pm

Since it was so warm today, 86, decided on something easy for dinner.

Remembered we brought along some escargot, and the appropriate bowls, we then picked up some fresh baked french bread at the local Fry's (Kroger) and commenced. No homemade Caesar's today though...although I think that will be coming soon.

So with a bottle of wine and the above mentioned we turned off the a/c about 6:30pm and enjoyed.

Still 67 out there...oh well.

The 11th there was a barbershop group called Anything Goes in the clubhouse and they were really entertaining.

The next day, Sunday the 12th, we went back to The Tumbleweed for their weekly afternoon jam session where musicians, whether local or here for the Winter, come in and play together. Great talent with artists back in the days that have played with the likes off Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, Johhny Cash and more. Stewart MacDougall was the lead today along with Myron on the electric violin and Mark on the keyboard piano.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 14th, Craig & Cindy came down for a visit from their winter digs up in Mesa. After chatting some we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Casa Grande...the Creative Cafe. After a nice lunch we headed back to Eloy and the airport for SkyDive Arizona. Always fun watching these idiots jump out of perfectly good airplanes. 😉

Lot of military personnel training today...we think from a Country in Europe.

Got back home to this...

Originally we were falsley blaming Baxter for this but we know now who really grabs all the napkins off the table...Duffy!!

With a couple of wines and some homemade chocolate brownies Cindy made we Skyped with Cal & Yvonne back in Green Bay. That was fun to see and talk to them from afar. After that C&C headed back to Mesa after a most enjoyable day.

To top the day off for us Bunky was playing in the clubhouse...non-stop for 3 hours ending at 10pm.

This Friday we go to the Tumleweed (yes we are regulars) for their St. Paddy's Day Dinner & Dance with music by The Campbell Brothers...should be raelly fun night.

Last week or so many rigs leaving all over the area including here heading North...albeit most probably taking their time watching the weather. Canadians can only be in the U.S. for 6 months in a row and many come down in October so...

Here are some more pics that should be new here in our Trip Journal.

C&C getting aquainted

Mike looks bonded with Duffy

Craig joined the growing list of Duffy lovers

As does Dick

More soon as we start headin' North first part of April.

Trust everything well with all.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Latest update from Eloy....

Here is an update, albeit small.

Putting a plan together to head to Wisconsin to meet our new grandson, Wil.

William Edward Kasprzak.

Betty has been doing some things in the Clubhouse like teaching a couple of craft classes and enjoying the pool with friends. Today the girls went up to the Mesa Market which they really enjoy.

We also have gone to the Tumbleweed with close friends here in the Park for good Country music and food a few times and really have become regulars.

Mike and Sandy stopped by. We met them a few years ago when staying at Casa Grande RV Resort. They lost their precious Pomeranian Micah recently and we certainly understand the grieving they are going through.

Mike was nice enough to make our greeting sign a couple of years ago that we hang from the front of our rig....great work Mike!!!!

Been trying to do a visit with long time friends from Green Bay, Craig and Cindy Huxford, who have been wintering in Phoenix for a number of years. Looks like they will be down by us March 14 when the forecast is for a sunny 76 degree day...looking forward to the visit.

Also there will be friends from Reno traveling in their RV's in the area in late March early April before we make our way back North to home in Reno. It will be very nice to see Norma & Steve and Ginny & Greg. More on that when we have it.

Have started a Duffy/Baxter photo album like we did for Bailey/Baxter. Duffy is quite the character. Today I took Baxter an Duffy with me to the IGA store in Eloy. When I came out of the store there they were in the truck...Baxter in the right seat and Duffy in my seat and he was up looking over the steering wheel with his paws on the horn....are you kidding me!!!! You had to be there to appreciate!!!

Here's a sample of the latest with the links to more in the above paragraph.

That's it for now but more soon when we have it. Trust everyone is fine.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bonding Well Underway

It's remarkable how fast Baxter and Duffy have accepted each other after all it's only going on 4 days.

Here are some updated photos.

More soon....

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Duffy Joins Our Family

Went up to Phoenix this morning and we got to meet Duffy. Michelle from a local cocker spaniel rescue brought him to one of the Petco stores where we got to use the inside training area to have both Baxter and Duffy off leash with us to get aquainted. Could not have gone better and the bonding started.

Michelle took some photos after it was decided to be a go and we will put them up when we get them.

Here are a few pics after we arrived back home and as you can see Duffy is pretty comfortable already.

We may have a new Alpha dog as Duffy has taken over Baxter's rocker. 

And now he is in Betty's rocker! 😁


And now Duffy is a Packers dog!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Going to meet Duffy....

UPDATE: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Meeting re-scheduled for Saturday. Taking Duffy to vet for final check.


Wednesday morning we go back up to Phoenix to meet Duffy and will bring Baxter for the meeting.


Duffy is a very young 8 year old, and is a handsome white and red parti in coloring. His fur is shiny and soft. Because of his markings and coloring, we think Duffy was probably used for breeding. Duffy is a calm, gentle, teddy bear! He loves to cuddle and to snuggle. He loves going for walks and for car rides (he rides very well). He gets along well with other doggies, but does not play with them. He just wants to be around and to please his people! Duffy is neutered, fully vaccinated, parasite-free and has his microchip. 

He is reliably house trained, is crate-trained, likes to be groomed and get a bath, and walks pretty well on a leash (he just gets so excited about all of the new smells, other doggies and other people!). His foster mom in CA just loves him, and, if she didn't have several furkids already, Duffy would have been a foster-fail. =) He's a very good little boy! 

Duffy has no health issues. He will go quickly, because of his coloring and handsomeness (is that a word?). We can not wait to find Duffy a kind, loving, gentle, forever home!!!

More when we have it.....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentines Dinner at the Tumbleweed

We had a great time last night celebrating Valentines with friends Tony and Dick from Appleton, WI and Mary & Mike from Porland, OR.

The Tumbleweed served up a wonderful night with a delicious dinner and music by The Campbell's.

Thanks to Hannah our waitress and all the Tumbleweed staff for making everything so enjoyable.