Thursday, October 11, 2018

OK...time for the update we luv to post

UPDATED Monday October 15, 2018
Itinerary Update

Voted today by absentee ballot.

Getting ready to head to S. Arizona for the winter!!

Plan is to head out on the 21st after doing some things going on like early NV voting on Saturday the 20th , CCW Renewal Class, Drs.appt and some other things.

This year instead of going over the 'hill' on I-80 into CA. (last years routing) we are going to get a different view (not crossing the Sierra's twice) and here is our itinerary as of today.

Subject to change of course....

Saturday October 20: Reno to Tonopah, NV - overnight.

Sunday October 21: Tonopah, NV to Boulder City, NV - overnight.

Monday October 22: Boulder City, NV to Wickenburg, Arizona - overnight.

Wednesday October 23: Wickenburg, Arizona to Eloy, AZ and the Silverado RV Resort until April 2019.

Will try and update more along the way.

Safe travels to all of our friends on the way down...cya soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Now the Boot Fire....

All set to go Thursday to Meadowcliff Lodge and Coleville/Walker KOA for the annual Concert Under the Cliff.

The Boot Fire could change our plans...but we'll know more early a.m. tomorrow.

Called the good people at Meadowcliff to see how they were doing and their OK and no plans to evacuate as the fire is about 18 miles to the South.

CHP has road closures now spanning US 395 beginning at Hollbrook Junction (north of Topaz Lake) to Bridgeport. They have to start the North 395 closure at Hollbrook because there is no other road that exits the area 'completely' after Hollbrook before the actual fire location.

So the people at Meadowcliff said when getting to the road closure block at Hollbrook tell authorities you are staying at Meadowcliff and they should/will let us continue.

We will take another look tomorrow before heading out planned for just before noon. Travel time is about 1:30 for the 75 mile trip.

More when we have it....

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Having a great time in Elko seeing/listening to Pat and C.C.

Saturday the 4 of us had Basque lunch at the Star Basque Restaurant that Pat andd C.C recommended. Betty had the Crab Sandwich and Pat had the Salmon Steak. C.C. and I both had the Lamb Chops which were delicious. The basque Cabbage Soup is a house specialty and Betty and Pat 'scored' the menu from the chef. Cabbage Soup in Eloy this wnter for sure.

Saw C.C.'s shows Friday, Saturday and one more tonight before heading back to Reno tomorrow. Pat and C.C. are also leaving tomorrow traveling back to their home in So. AZ. for the winter where we will see them again late October early November.

So nice to meet their friends Mike and Phyllis from Montana and sharing memories.

The boots in a couple of photos...the boots are all over

We'll see Pat and C.C. in late October at our winter digs in S. AZ.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Elko, NV

Left Reno about 10am yesterday and after a 5 hour non-stop drive on I-80 arrived at the Iron Horse RV Resort just before 3pm. Very nice site (large) with a great view of the mountains.

It was time to relax after setting up with a light dinner and early bed...for me anyway.

Today we'll be doing some TLC to the rig, probably doing a Walmart run and then getting ready to go see Pat and C.C. tonight at the Stockmen's Casino.

Hopefully they will have time to stop over by us sometime for a visit.

More when we have it....

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Headin' East in a couple of days.

Got the rig home today after truck oil/filter change and rotated all 6 tires, lubed rig axles and got tire pressures where I want them, Stanley Steemer coming out tomorrow (early) for the annual carpet cleaning then it's doing a little loading of clothes and supplies.

Thursday we leave about 10am for about a 4+ hour trip on I-80 to Elko, NV. Pups staying home with Jesse dog sitting. Jesse stays at the house when we are in Eloy, AZ for the Winter.

Looking forward to seeing Pat and C.C. again. Weather going to be gorgeous.

We'll have updates from Elko.

Back Monday for a couple days before going to Meadowcliff for the Annual Concert Under the Cliff.

See previous entry for more detail info.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Long Overdue Update

With all the smoke this year from the huge CA. fires and some here in western NV. we've been hanging around locally so far this summer but have some things coming up on the schedule.

We have been 'thinking' about seeing everyone again at our Winter home at the Silverado RV Resort...but not until late October.

Have a couple of trips to do before that;

August 30 – September 2, 2018 - Going to see C.C. Collier & wife Pat the end of August. C.C. and Pat live in Arizona City and C.C. performs at various venues in the area including a regular weekly gig at the Tumbleweed Inn.

C.C. will be performing in Elko August 30, 31, September 1 and 2.  It is during the Elko County Fair.  He will be at the Stockmen's Hotel and Casino.  His hours will be from 6 - 10 all 4 nights.

We'll stay at the Iron Horse RV Resort.

NOTE: C.C. will play as our guest for the annual Resort Valentines Dinner & Dance from 6pm - 9pm at the Silverado RV Resort on February 14, 2019.

September 7-10Meadowcliff Lodge/Coleville-Walker KOA for their annual Concert Under the Cliff.

Meadowcliff is located on California Highway 395 just south of Topaz Lake Nevada surrounded by the beautiful Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We've been attending for a few years with friends from the Reno area. Last year Mike & Mary, friends from the Silverado, came with us during their Reno visit.
Here's our Trip Report.

More when we have something and safe travels to all that are out there doing it!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Back Home in Reno

After another great winter with friends in S. AZ (that started last October) we arrived back home yesterday the 24th.

Fun week with Mike & Mary in Pahrump including the best Thai food we've ever had. If ever in the area enjoy a delicious experience at My Thai. It's been a year since we were there but it was like the first time good, so good!!!

Monday we did a 5 hour drive to Hawthorne, NV for an overnight at Whiskey Flats RV Park.  This has been an annual stop on our way home.

Yesterday it was a 2.5 run to Reno via Carson City. Arrived a little after 12 noon and immediately went to work unloading everything, including the basement storage, of not only what we brought down but also a few things we accumulated.

A few things to do today and then it's out to storage in northern Sparks, NV tomorrow at Dennis & Bev's. No plans YET for summer trips but I'm sure there will be.

Sorry no more pics to add.

More when we have something travels all.