Monday, July 1, 2013

Westport, WA

We arrived at the American Sunset RV Park a little after 4:00pm yesterday after another scenic trip up the 101. Warmer than our last place with temps in the lower 70's. 

Nice campground with many amenities and close to beaches and the Port fishing docks. Lots of open sites right now but completely booked for the July 4th Holiday...glad again we made reservations well in advance. 

We'll be here until the 7th and then head inland towards the Columbia River area. Will post another update for Westport during the week.

Westport, WA is located at the mouth of Grays Harbor on the southernmost peninsula known as Point Chehalis. The area was in regular use as a summer resort by local Native American tribes before Thomas Barker Speake and his family, the first white settlers, arrived early in the summer of 1857.

By 1914, Westport was a busy, though small center for fishing, shell fish harvesting, seafood processing and tourism. Among the earliest structures built at Westport, the Westport Lighthouse, dedicated on April 14, 1898, still stands as a majestic beacon for weary mariners anxious to return home from the sea. The City of Westport was incorporated on June 26, 1914.

Today, Westport with a population of 2345 still relies on fishing, shellfish harvesting, seafood processing and tourism for much of its livelihood. More recently, boat building has also become an important part of Westport's economic base.

Below is what the CG used for campfires at the sites

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