Sunday, January 26, 2014


Sorry for the delay in updating but after a great stay in Amado (Tubac) area we headed to Tucson to get the pups , and me groomed, resupply and get the slide parts we've been carrying around since we left Reno finally installed. 

Then the virus bug got us!!!

Checked into Camping World in Tucson on Thursday 16th and to our dismay found that half the work force was sick with a flu virus going around so our 1 day stay looked to be turning into a longer one. Sure enough and Friday we were told we would not be finished until Monday. We had stayed overnight on their lot plugged in to electric & water Thursday night but did not want to stay over the entire weekend with no one around so we opted for a hotel/motel that accepted pets. Good choice as I picked up the virus and pretty much stayed in bed all weekend.

Monday they had us back on the road around 2pm and we made the 80 mile drive N.on I-10 back to Casa Grande RV Resort where we've decided to stay for a month.

This virus is a real kick, Betty contracted a minor version, with slow recovery period. Went to an Urgent Care on Tuesday for some Meds and they are helping but stamina is slow to come back but a little better every day.

Weather here is beautiful with temps in the 70's and 50's at night. We'll be soaking up the sun's rays to help with getting better.

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