Friday, February 21, 2014

Queen Creek Olive Mill & The Pork Shop

Wednesday we visited Queen Creek Olive Mill but were really not whatwe were expecting. Oh there were lots of tourists, lot of their products were on display for purchase and their restaurant was busy but there wasn't an olive tree or vineyard in sight. Maybe we were thinking it would be more like the wineries we've been to in California where you really feel the experience of being in a vineyard.

We did pick up a few things though like a big bottle of roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil.

Sorry no photos from here.

On our way back we stopped at The Pork Shop which is only a few miles down the road. This turned out to be right up our ally.

From their website;

"The Pork Shop carries a complete line of fresh specialty pork cuts such as baby back ribs, Iowa cut chops, top rib chops, St. Louis cut spare ribs, boneless rolled loin roasts, as well as all the standard cuts such as center cut chops, pan fry chops, pork steaks, country ribs, loin end roasts, pork butts, and many others. We exclusively use select quality corn fed mid-western pork to bring you the freshest, tastiest, and best selection of pork in the valley.".

Had to pick up a few goodies including smoked bacon (delicious), smoked breakfast sausage links, home made smoked hot dogs (wieners), garlic bologna (more like thin sliced sausage) and some country ribs which are going into the slow cooker of those for sure!!

Cayward Farms, the cotton farm, we won't visit until after the owners return in early March from their place in El Centro, CA. The cotton is already picked so not sure what we'll get to see.

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