Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Update to February 7 post...

UPDATE February 10, 2017

Sorry to say it did NOT workout. Sam is a very cute dog but obviously was abused and has issues around people she is not use to.

Betty was petting her on top of her head and Sam growled, snapped and bit Betty on the hand...didn't break skin but we clearly got he message.

The cocker rescue in Phoenix is big (they even get dogs from CA when their inventory is low) and they have our info and know what we are looking for. We are hopeful.


In yesterdays post I made the comment that "Baxter is still really struggling being alone w/o Bailey.
We may have some good news for him this Friday."

Well Friday we drive up to the Phoenix area to meet Samantha and if things go right she will be joining the family.

Samantha is a rescue dog and here is some of her story.

Samantha was found running the desert. She looks like she has had puppies and she is estimated at 6 years old. We had her spayed and her teeth cleaned. She is a sweetheart and likes to play with toys and relax. Samantha has been around kids and done well, but prefers adults so we are looking for a home with adults that maybe only have kids that visit.

Shauna has been looking after Sam at the rescue.

More when we have it......

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