Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tucson II

Just a quick update from Lazy Days in Tucson;

George and Penney left Tuesday morning to head back to Reno. We had a great visit albeit short. Had a nice dinner Monday night in the Resort Restaurant where we said our goodbye's for this visit. 

Have been exploring the area and will do some tours Pima Air Museum, Old Tucson Studios and the usual tourist sites. 

We've never seen so many high end motor-homes in one place ever...and that includes the Oasis in Vegas. Most stay for 3 or 4 days and leave then the vacated site is occupied by another. On the flip side there is an Airstream rally going on here and there are 83 of those here.

Oh...the falcon in the one photo is right next door to us. Older lady traveling by herself has 2 of these birds. Whatever!!!!

Weather has been absolutely gorgeous...highs in the 70's lows in the 50's although a cooler period is on tap for the weekend. Headin' over to the pool and jacuzzi shortly.

Pups get a grooming tomorrow.

More later....

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