Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beverly Beach State Park

We arrived here on the 12th after a great stay in Winchester Bay.

Beverly Beach State Park, just North of Newport, gave us a break from where we have been on this trip. Site was tight to get into but once in the actual site area is large with no view of the people next to us. Water/electric site, no Wi-Fi, cable or view for Satellite. We were able to catch up on some DVD's that we wanted to see anyway so this worked out well. All in all a great stay. Will leave Sunday the 16th for Garibaldi just North of Tillamook.

You will see in the photos some of the great beach and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse which we gladly added to our list of 'lights' we've visited on the Oregon coast.

Click for>>> Yaquina Head Light

Built from 1871 to 1873 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Yaquina Head Light was first lit August 20,1873 and automated in 1966. It is active with an identifying light characteristic of two seconds on, two seconds off, two seconds on, and 14 seconds off.

A two-story keepers' dwelling was built at the time the lighthouse tower and its adjoining oil house were constructed. In 1923, a one-story keepers' house was added a short distance to the east. In 1938, a one-story building replaced the original two-story dwelling. Both dwellings and all outbuildings (a shed, a garage, etc.) were then demolished in 1984. The space is now a grassy area.

Yaquina Head typically had three lighthouse keepers under the U.S. Lighthouse Service; a Head Keeper, and First and Second Assistant. The Head Keeper as well as the First Assistant usually stayed in the two-story keepers' dwelling with their families and the Second Assistant was usually a bachelor. In 1939 the U.S. Coast Guard took over the management. During WWII 17 Servicemen were stationed at Yaquina Head keeping a lookout for enemy ships.

The lighthouse still uses its original 1868 French-made, 1st order, Fixed Fresnel lens; visible 19 miles (31 km) out to sea. In 1993, the lighthouse was listed in the National Register of Historic Places (reference number #73002340).

Just south of the lighthouse are amazing tide pools where seaweeds, sea stars, hermit crabs, purple urchins, and anemones can be seen. The lighthouse is still quite popular, receiving over 400,000 visitors a year. It is only open to the public during daylight hours. Perhaps so no one gets spooked. 

The lighthouse was used as the setting for the "Moesko Island Lighthouse" in the 2002 film The Ring. It had already appeared in an earlier film, Hysterical (1983), and The Nancy Drew Mysteries 1977 television series episode "The Mystery of Pirate's Cove".

The 100-acre site was established by Congress as an Outstanding Natural Area in 1980. The Bureau of Land Management manages the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, including the lighthouse. The Yaquina Head Interpretive Center opened in 1997 and includes exhibits about the history and preservation of the lighthouse, and the marine life found in tide pools and along the coast. The center includes a gift shop.

The lighthouse lantern is operated by the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service monitors off-shore bird rookeries and wildlife. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife manages the intertidal animals and the Oregon Department of State Lands is responsible for the intertidal lands.

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