Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cannon Beach, OR

We arrived in Cannon Beach about 1pm Sunday after a short (less than an hour) drive up the 101. Rainy all the way and pretty much more of the same since we set up.

Cannon Beach RV Resort is great and our stay with all the things to see and do in the area should be wonderful. 

Bailey's anti-biotics seem to be working as the lump on her throat is smaller but of course we will continue to monitor.

More later....

Stolen from another site---- Nine miles of wide, walkable beach invite visitors to Cannon Beach. The scenic beauty of the seastacks offshore and headlands onshore make your stroll down the sand particularly memorable. Fly a kite, watch the sea creatures in the tidepools, or take pictures of famous Haystack Rock. Relaxing on the beach is part of the Cannon Beach experience.

The arts are emphasized in Cannon Beach, and some of the best crafts, shopping and galleries on the coast are located here. The city is planned for strolling, and many visitors take advantage of this to visit the quaint bookstores, shops and bistros. Strict planning regulations have helped Cannon Beach keep its earth toned, rustic look.

Cannon Beach was named for a cannon that was discovered on the beach. In 1846, the U.S. Navy schooner Shark was wrecked while trying to leave the Columbia River. A large piece of the schooner's deck with a cannon and capstan attached washed up on the beach, and the town's name is based on this event.

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