Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Moved all of 10 miles yesterday...Fort Huachuca, AZ

We have an auto leveler problem with the rig but were able to get hooked up yesterday at Tombstone Territories and drive 10 miles West to RV City a dealer we last visited in 2013.

Problem isolated and new computer board on the way. We are behind the dealership in a nice site at the Mountain View RV Park and if the part gets in on Wednesday we will leave for Pahrump. If the part doesn't arrive until the afternoon we will probably head out and stay overnight at our Winter home...the Silverado RV Resort a drive of about 2 hours.

Then Thursday leave and stay overnight at the KOA in Needles, CA before going to Pahrump on Friday.

Everything subject to change of course.

Here are a few pics from our last night at Tombstone Territories...sorry if they look similar but you would have to be here to really appreciate the view right out the back of your site;

Now the view out the back here at Mounain View RV Park with Fort Huachuca in the distance:

Stay tuned.....

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